Baby Steps

by K.I.A

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K.I.A's First Mixtape "Baby Steps", is a story of what he wants from this art, what he will do to achieve it and what will happen to anyone that stands in his way. A day after the drop of this Mixtape, he has already begun work on his upcoming debut LP.
Seems like this is just the beginning.


released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


K.I.A Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Be Myself
(Verse 1)
Why is it so hard for you to see who I be
yeah I changed a lot this is a newer me
this is my story that I write to a beat
so listen to me as my words soaking through the sheets
sorry that I can't match what you expect
I'm just trying to move my life on and tackle what is next
but all of the pressure that is on me has gotten me stressed
so I try to tell you, my words battle through the text
you only see this as a hobby
but if it wasn't for music I'd have killed myself probably
left with nothing but words that I used to express me
feeling ignored like messages my ex texts me
we are different, don't expect me to think the same
way or act the same cause my brains in a different frame
I lost my innocence early, but who's to blame
I made it through the fire, yeah I marched on through the flames

(Verse 2)
(Love you mama)
sorry for letting you down mum
but I got goals, I can really see the outcome
of what it's gonna be, if I'm putting effort in
and I know this ain't what you wanted, sorry that's irrelevant
cause this is who I really am, this is not a phase
this my future, where I wanna be, it's not a game
and I am not afraid, to take the pain
you know I changed a lot and now I ain't the same
so wait
until I find where my callings at
I won't stop and you won't ever catch me falling back
there used to be a time where every friend was all I had,
now all they hear is, 'leave your number and I'll call you back'
but that's a joke they won't even get a glimpse of me
your birthday messages on facebook doesn't mean shit to me
all I needed from em was some help that I didn't get
so when you see me now I'll turn my head like we never met

and I'm still not Where I wanna be
I see it right in front of me
but I gotta work till I reach it
I can improve on the daily
as I've been doing lately
this my dream I need to believe it

I'm in the league with elites now
where I can beat a whole drakee album with a freestyle
successs is waiting, and I'm ready for it
these rhymes coming quick to your ears like I got em on speed dial
mum and dad, I'll make you proud just to see you smile
I'll be back after I'm satisfied, that'll be a while
and to the haters, you can bet your ass I won't change for nothing
I'll stay the same, my times coming

Track Name: Ghetto Symphony
(Verse 1)
This my ghetto symphony, I don't ask for your sympathy
my rhyme, flow and style, people call the holy trinity
I won't shut the valve, until the day of my infamy
cause people wanna hate me all because I rhyme differently
who give a fuck about my accent that I'm rapping in
I body all these rappers, make it look like an accident
you don't wanna listen, well that's fine by me
don't get your dome blown off in that drive by g
you think it's fake, cause we don't sound the same
all you rappers sound the same
my flow like a tsunami, hit your towers and then drowned the game
I am every single thing I claim
I let these words be the bullets, I just cock back and aim
I'm not afraid of what the people think,
I got lethal ink, and pour it on you cause your ego stink, and you can keep your 30 man fanbase, I don't need the fame, I'll give you all of me, so you can take notes and keep the change

(people always ask me, whether on the internet or real life, what's this accent that you put on? I'm like, accent? what are you talking about, I rap how I talk, and I'm not from the same place as you, so how do you expect me to rap with the same accent as you? you know. Regardless, I sound good and that's all I care about)

(Verse 2)
My old mindset was the truth, to be the one inside that booth, and never ask if it was possible, just know the things I'd do,
if I had ever stayed true to myself and who I'm influenced by
or how these words of mine, became the saviour to my suicide
it's do or die, this jungle of life that I'm caught inside of
but I'm raised by the wolves, so it's death before dishonour
cause I'd rather have my ass beat and dragged into the drama
than to only make this boombap to please the old timers
Fuck whoever ain't riding with me to the end
cause if I ask you where your/you "R"/are you just a fiend, not a friend
cause on these haters is not where my energy should be spent
and I be taking what you owe me, I ain't leaving a cent
I sacrificed my innocence, youth, I saw my own funeral
all that to guarantee, I won't sit in a cubicle
working for my whole life, not knowing what's beautiful
y'all still in the drama, I'm concerned with where my music goes/musical

(and another thing, they always say, nah bro, you changed a lot bro, you changed so much, I'm like yeah but only positive change right? So if you asking me why I don't hang out anymore it's not cause I don't want to, it's probably cause I realise I don't like you, you know? I keep it 100% real, so I'm not gonna act like I like you when I really don't, bitch)

(Verse 3)
My attitude ain't changed yet,
I'm still the same old me
y'all expecting old raps on those frail old beats
you know the type that make you wanna stop and save your heat
and tell em I'll be back stronger, give me 8 more weeks
I'm finna blow
and let em know
that I'll be chasing their bread
but most they old asses got none, they fake it instead
and they just sitting back and laughing cause they got you misled
thinking that splurging is your outlet? ain't no brain in your head
I'm tryna be the change
see the way I point out their mistakes
10 years from now, I bet you no one will be this great
yeah, and you be hanging onto the words I dictate
once upon a time I was hungry, now look at this plate
I'm feasting, seated on the highest throne
I'm beasting, I been collecting this energy, it's time I released it
hip hop was my only chance, you bet your ass I seized it
and I came inside this game young, just like a catholic priest did
It's K